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    Question propionate/deca/clomid?

    HEy, i was just wondering a few things:

    I gonna start using testosterone propionate an deca at the same time..

    I`m gonna inject 100 mg propionate once a week, and I`m gonna inject 200 mg deca once a week. I`m gonna use these steroids for 10 weeks, and I`m injecting the same dosage every week..

    When shall i start using clomid? after how many weeks? And how much should i take?

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    nope. Prop once a week isnt gonna cut it. Prop needs to be injected everyday or every-other day at least. Deca at 200mg a week will do nothing more then shut you down. Do some more research bro. This isnt a flame just a heads up.
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    Replace that prop with enanthate and bump up the doses. 500mg/wk test and 300mg/wk deca . Start clomid 3 wks after last shot of deca. I'd also advise a moderate dose of liquidex to keep off the bloat.

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