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    how to use winnie?

    i am doin a cycle of deca , sust, and winnie
    ive never used winnie do i have to buy different needles or can i use the 22x1.5? also i was plannin on doin winnie for 8 weeks, how many times a week do i inject and where is the best site to inject?

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    I would rather drink the winny but yes you can use whatever needle.

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    im doin a similar cycle
    1-8 50mg winni eod
    1-8 100mg primobolan every 4th day
    i use 23g 1inch pin and works fine in all injection spots.. due to alot of injections u need to keep rotating spots..for best results winni should be taken 50mg eod or ed to be effective due to its half life.. in terms of how long to run it most people tell me no more then 8 weeks because it can be toxic to the liver after that .. in my opinion 6-8 weeks at 50mg eod u will be fine...

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    Ouch...22G 1.5? Why not invest in some 25G?

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    25g 1 inch or for spot injections 5/8 my favorite place to shot winny in my shoulders... bro dont do it longer then 6 weeks and dont forget to take liver protectants..ala milk thislte ... Also i would not inject the same spot no more then twice a week

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    I used a 25ga. 1.5in. in the glute, I went every other day with it. Never did spot inj. w/ it though

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    25 gaugers in bi's, tri's, chest, calves, delts, thighs, 23 gaugers for glutes and/or if I am pushing something with the winny.
    Winny is water based so it is not as thick as oil based. the reason I would want to use a smaller gauge pin is to cut down on scar tissue. If you plan on injecting your winny everyday, (as I planned on) then decided it would be less painful to drink it, then use a small sized pin 25 gauge or less. I think once you shoot a couple of winny's by itself, you will soon see that it is less painful to drink it. Winny hurts me like a mofo..
    Average cycle for a beginner would be 4-6 weeks no longer. Now for the more experienced user I'd say he could go 8 weeks.

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    I site inject Winny into my traps, delts, bis and tris using a 23g 1" without any problems.

    Don't drink it ... now where's the fun in that?

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