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Thread: Cutting Routine

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    Cool Cutting Routine

    Can anyone give me a workout split (bodyparts and times per week) and amount of cardio needed. If i a 5"10 195lbs 14-16% Bf and am plannign on taking 350mg of Eq every week. Clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off bridged with Xenadrine. For 7 weeks hoping to get bodyfat down to 6-8% and add 5-10lbs of muscle. ANy help would be a savior.

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    I wonder how many people are going to say 350mgs of eq isnt enough.

    Train 4-5 times a week

    or every other day but cardio 5 times a week, dont go out too hard, 45 minutes with some eca before hand will do well but you can do all you like, if your diet isnt well tuned you wont be losing fat.

    Mainly it is something you will learn from experience and how your body reacts to different types of diet.

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    350 mgs of eq isnt enough.....just kidding. most people will say doses of eq are best between 400 and 600 mgs a week. a friend of mine said he ran it at 300mgs a week and had good results from that. anyone who has done eq around 350mgs a week please let me know the results

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