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    couple post cycle questions

    k just came off sustenon250/decca300, I had no acne or sides during the cycle. two weeks off and im breaking out on my back like mad, no prob I know they will go away but any sugestions on getting them to back off a little. also, when I start my clomid at the first day should I spread the pills out, take them all at once or how??. And last but not least, why does it seem I have made the most gains being off(last two weeks), I would assume the less water retention and sliming down but sure seems like i feel the most "juiced" I have been the entire time now that im off and look the hardest.

    pre cycle stats
    5'6 220
    during, up to 266
    now 238

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    Tee Tree Oil for acne, do clomid all at once the half life is 5 days.


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