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    Cool more advice

    hi bros, well i am going on my secound cycle now in a few days, i have 20 pre-jects sus and 100 tabs of dianabal 5 mg. i want to do a 10 wk cycle, how should i spred this out? i also have novaldex 100 tabs. let me know guy's.

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    Stats, ager, goals, what do you mean by pre-ject sus? Howe much do you have?

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    PreJect= Redijects Spread is like this

    Sust 500MG weeks 1-10 (shots Monday and thursday)

    You need at least 200 tabs of Dbol and you can run it 1-4 at 35MG ED. If you choose, you can run nolva 10MG ed or just wait till gyno symptoms appear. Sust is supposed to be injected EOD to get the full effect of the prop. When i ran sust on my first cycle i did 750MG a week and did shots mon-wed-thurs But that was way too much for my first cycle and I dont suggest you do that much until you need it.

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