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    guilt complex when on gear

    Hi guys
    just wondering if any of you guys feel guilty when taking gear i often think about my health and the long term effects or like when you get a pain somewhere you think o it must be the gear i know it is probably all in the mind but if people were totally honest they would say the same i would hope anyway it is not going to stop me juiceing for a while yet.
    its not over till its over.

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    I do feel a little guilt when i inject...then the cycle is over..i look and feel better....everything still works..and i then cant wait to do it all over again.

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    I kind of know what you are talking about, I felt kind of guilty about doing gear, I have only done it once, it was when I was 22 it was about four yrs ago, I could not put my finger on why I was on a guilt trip. I did not feel guilty for the sake of state or federal laws, that part of it kind of appealed to me at the time, I felt kind of rebellious, I was doing something that schools and parents told me not to do, that was all the more reason for me to do it. There was something else though that was making me feel guilty, I have always been a spiritual person of god, I think it may have stemmed from the fact that, I felt it was morally wrong for me to do it, I also kind of felt selfish for doing it, especially when the commercials came on about the starving kids in Etheopia (laughs) I think it may stem from a variety of things, just don't think about it to much, try to make a positive experiance out of it.

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    I feel about the same amount of guilt when I shoot up as when I

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    That was too much bro. HAHA!

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    that was hilarious ws6!

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    I do, sometimes a lot. Wonder what it will do to me long term... but I sure do like what it does short term.

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    Guilty? Hah . . .
    Guilt is something you feel when you're doing something you want to do and in the back of your mind you hear voices telling you, "You know this is naughty!"
    It's used by controlling people to get others to conform to their code of conduct. Also used quite sucessfully by any number of religions.
    Keep in mind that just because you experience a pang of guilt, it does not mean you're doing anything wrong. Keep in mind those poor schmucks in Oklahoma where dancing is still considered a sin, as is playing cards, and any number of other harmless activities. Not to mention the shame arab women feel when discovered out in public without their burka.
    So, when you're feeling a pang of guilt, stop to consider if it originates from someone who doesn't know anything about which they're talking, or if you're dealing with your own voice suggesting you double-check the situation for safety.
    Seems to me that as long as you're (reasonably) safe and know what you're doing, there's no need to let guilt prevent you from reaching your goals.
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it . ..

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    I dont feel guilty...guilt is like a bag of bricks...all you gotta do it set it down

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