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    Talking to your doctor

    Just about ready to start my first cycle of sustanon and deca . Just wondering if any of you talk to your doctor about using gear when going in for a check up? If so, what kind of reaction should I expect from them?

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    I'm sure it will vary. My doctor is only a couple years older than me and he lifts as well. But he tells me that creatine and glutamine are useless, so I don't even mention AAS. I guess it depends on how comfortable you are with your doc. As far as I know he/she cannot divuldge any interaction you two have on the subject because of doctor patient confidentiality.

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    After my last cycle, I was having a terrible pain in my calfs. I have always had these pains, but never that bad. Anyway, I went to my doctor, and he gave me muscle relaxers, and took urine and blood samples. He called me a few days later and said my liver enzymes were elevated and asked me if I was a heavy drinker, I said just on saturday nights, and he asked me if I did any steroids . I answered him honestly and he gave me the talk. My doctor wasn't that educated when it came to Steroids, I asked him a hundred questions on the subject, figuring he would be the best for an educated answer. I was dissapointed with him, I mean he's the doctor, right ? Shouldn't he know what they are and how they work and what they do to my body ? He reffered me to a "sports doctor" and this guy is awesome, I tell him when and what I am taking, he knows a little about the juice, and he is very, very interested in my gains. I am starting my new cycle, with testosterone depo and equipoise , and I think my new doctor is more excited than I am. He wants to monitor me and see what the cycle does to me. Looks like this will be my safest cycle yet.
    I think when you find a doctor you are comfortable with, you can tell them anything. After all, they are there to help you , Thats their job. I think you or anyone else should be honest with your doctors when you are juicing, If your doctor doesn't like it ... Tough, Find one that does. Good luck.


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    man i wish my doc was like that,him and my parents are very good freinds,he gave me hell last time when i told him that im using creatine and andro,he asked me how i put on 15 pounds in three months ,and thats what i said.

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    Powerstroke is doing the safest thing possible, that is great. I believe when you tell these doctors you are using AS they freak. Why? I don't know, but it really makes me wonder if they really studied about gear in med school. But yea, I totally agree on being honest with your doctor because of the confidential issue and also they can monitor your progress and you are paying them good money to do so. Also, the Doctor can warn you of possible dangers looming ahead by looking at your blood work. Hell yes be honest with your doctor it just may save your life and get a new one that fits your needs.

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    Cool For further information . . .

    Mucho discussed a couple of days ago.

    Go to this thread:

    (Thank you, thank you . . . I know that's the shortest informational response I've ever written.)

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