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    Question Injection Question

    I will be going on my 2nd cycle. My first consisted of stacking 2 AS. My 2nd cycle will consist of three. I've been looking through the forum for a basic explanation amount of time to wait between injections. For instance:
    wk 1-10 Deca 300
    wk 1-10 Test Prop
    wk 7-12 winny EOD 100 mg
    *clomid of course

    Of course 2 of the 3 will be injected the same day, so how long do I wait between the 2, and does it make a difference of which one I do before/after workout?

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    Prop and Winny should go ED

    Deca you can get away with 2x a week.

    Before/after workout does not make a difference.

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    Dont think it really matters that much, but i like to inject about an hour or two before my workouts. I sometimes find when i inject test toward the end of the day, it gets me all nutz and cant sleep until i f*ck the brains out of my gf. SO, i prefer mourning injections after a warm shower.

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