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    GH & Primateston 250 Cycle Questions

    I am about to take cycle of both GH and Primateston 250. I am planning on taking 1 cc of Test the Sunday before i begin the GH. Each sunday for the 6 weeks I am on the GH I am going to take 2cc of test. Then i will take 1 cc of test the week after. I do not know, however, how plan out an injection schedule for the it best to take GH before a work out? After? All I know is to take it every other day. Just a little info about my workout schedule i am going to be working out 4 days a week alteranting 1 day on 1 day this best for the cycle?

    Also, I am just curious as to gains people have gotten from GH. Any major side effects....Any input will be greatly appreciated....Thanks.

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    GH should be taken at about 6-8ius EVERY day for 12-16wks depending on the person but I dont think you are ready for it bud - to be honest I dont think you NEED it. YES there are MAJOR side effects - permenant ones, like deformations of the appendages (ears, fingers, toes) deformation of the spine, permenant hormonal imbalances - it is a VERY dangerous hormone - I would be MORE than happy to develop a steroid cycle that would give you all the gains you were hoping to expect from GH because can promise you that whatever you wanted to acheive from GH is possible with just regular gear. Have you ever used juice? Let me know - I strongly suggest against GH.

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    If your going to go with a growth kit be careful you should up your test to 100mg a week and also include insulin into your cycle. I really hope that you experience because gh is bad enough but if you wanna do it right the insulin is the ticket but be careful with the insulin it can hurt you quick

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