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    Question Testosterone Enanthate/Propianate

    Hypothetically speaking, if someone had only taken one cycle of steroids ever(deca -durabolin ) and had a history of baldness(on mother's side), what would be the chances of getting bad side effects(ie. premature baldness). from following the deca cycle with another of testosterone enanthate ? Would this be advisable? Is taking just one cycle of testosterone enanthate that risky? Thanks.

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    Really no way to answer that question.

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    Bro - ALL AS use will pretty much cause some side effects. If you already have a disposition to baldness and are worried I'd say your options are:

    1: Run a 1/4 a tab of propecia ED while on cycle


    2: Run AS and say to hell with your hair - Shave the head.


    3: Don't run AS

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    1/4 tab of propecia? Will that cut it? I thought it was 1/4 tab of proscar. I dunno, maybe i got it mixed up. Well anyway, if its 1/4 tab of propecia ed during the cycle, should it be continued for a slightly longer duration since the AS will still be working in the body? Just wondering cause i am looking into doing the same.

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