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    Please help skinny fat and gyno sensative

    Hey everyone was just wanting a good cycle and diet plan to put on some good size and to also shread up a bit. I am 27 6 foot 3 inches tall around 200 pounds, been training around 5 year, and not seeing many results. Im quiet skinny but also carry a bit of flab around the midsection and chest area. My diet is pretty good and I train mainly compound weight movements every other day. Around 3 years ago I used some test ethanate just by itself with no pct, silly I know but I was uneducated, and developed gyno in my left nipple, the hard lump is gone now but you can notice it a bit. Any advice for a gyno sensative cycle and diet,would be much appreciated.
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    Well, since you haven't looked into diet yet, I would recommend adjusting that first before getting back on AAS. Try posting in the nutrition forum, lots of incredibly knowledgeable folks there that can help you reach your goals. I can tell you that I was training (wrong) for years and not seeing any results. Very frustrating, I know. Like most people, I thought I knew what I was doing. When I adjusted diet and workout routine, almost instant changes. Give it a go, heck they might recommend AAS once you give all the details.

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