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Thread: Virgin Muscle

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    Virgin Muscle

    Obviously virgin muscle causes a great deal more PIP but is this with each cycle? If you do 2-3 cycles a year, by the time you get around to pinning again is that muscle considered virgin again?

    I know virgin means never been used but with a 3-4 month gap is that enough time for your muscle to go back to it's original state......whatever that may be?

    Pinning is effortless now and i was thinking about this today and if I would it would be effortless immediately next cycle or if the PIP would be back for the first few weeks.

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    i would imagine each person is different, but for me starting a new cycle is painless even with months off.

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    Agreed that everyone is different.

    I have never had discomfort anywhere but quads...and the quads continue to has very slight soreness no matter how much I use them.

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