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    test e 250, test p 100

    Im thinking of doing a ten week cycle of test e 250. I also have test p 100 and was thinking that that first 20 days of tha test e cycle that i could do 100mg of the test p every other day. Now tha research ive done says a few different things about test p. Certian places ive visited says it acts quick and results are seen quickly and that its great to do to with test e. Others say it leaves ur body quickly but results are still not seen or felt for three to four weeks. I will say most research has suggested it acts quickly and shows results quickly. My main concern with the test p is seeing results and noticing and feeling a difference before the test e kicks in. Can u guys confirm or deny any of this for me based on experience? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Another 21 yr old. Too young to cycle. Please wait.

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