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Thread: newbie hear!!

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    newbie hear!!

    Hey everyone im 26yo, 6'2" 270lbs with 29%bf.

    Ive been working out religiously for 10 year (from hs football-college football)

    During high school i was in what i think pretty good shape. I was 6'2" 225lbs (this was during football season) and during wrestling season i would cut to 215lbs. Then when i went to college i continued to play football.. but instead of keeping my weight down i started to bulk up and got introduced to power lifting..

    By the end of my freshman year i jumpt from 225- almost 300.

    Granted my strenth was tremendous it does not justify my look or weight lol.. so long story short iv been 300lbs ever since.

    So no im finally fed up with being overweight and power lifting, especially bc my joints are suffering.

    So in the past month and a half ive dropped from over 300 to where i am now at 270..

    Im looking to be around 230-240 again. And i have never cycled before.. always have been affraid to.. but now am reconsidering to help give myself a boost.

    So if anybody has any advice that would be great.

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    And my diet is not the same every day bc of my job keeps me very busy so i try to keep the calories under 2500 and absolutly no fast food and empty calories.

    I still weight train 5 days a week and i run every other day for min 30 min..

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    You still need to cut your bodyfat in half before using. High bodyfat will make you much more prone to estrogenic side effects.

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    i agree. Your prone to high blood pressure and alot more sides with that bf%. Stick to a good diet and up your cardio
    If people can't tell your on steroids then your doing them wrong

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    Alright i will do that! Thanks for the advice. Like i said im kinda scared to try it and im overly cautious when it comes to dangeous things lol..

    Ill keep u guys posted with my progress on all diet and hard work ..

    Ill ask about the cycle again when im below 20%.. (hopefully)...

    Just dont no how well its going to work bc im 26 and natural test is prob starting to decrease

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