Hey bro's, I'm having trouble putting together my 3rd cycle.

First cycle
test c 500mg wk for 8 wks clomid 50mg Ed for 3 wks.

2nd cycle
test c 600mg wk for 12 wks, and averbol 25 eod for 4 wks, and clomid 50mg for 4 wks.

To be honest, my diet could have been better my first cycle but I believe the Averbol in mt 2nd cycle helped a lot. Been training on and off past 9yrs but consistently the past 3. I know I'm gonna get flamed for my stats but WE ALL KNOW once your mind is made up on using gear, there is no stopping. I just need some honest help without the "your an idiot" comments. 37yrs old, 5'3, 173lbs. (keep in mind when I started training years ago I was 118lbs). I'm not real big on supplements but I take Creatine and glutamine regularly with training. Below is what I have, can I make a decent 3rd cycle out of this?

4 1ml amp Sustanon 250
6 1ml amp deca 100
3600 mg test c
50 GP Tbol 10mg
60 Balkan Danabol 50mg
60 Novldex 10mg.
30 Clomid 50mg