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    Stack Question

    Hey, I am 35 Male and have been running a cycle of Test prop 100 with Test cyp 300, with Deca 300 and Eq 200. My Ml per wk are Test = 450ml, Deca=300, and Eq= 400ml all per week. I split this in 2 of course Monday and Thurs. My Question is this seems like over kill and I have lost a good deal of Bf but can not seem to build the mass I am looking for. My diet is good.. alot of eggs, chicken, brown rice, soy, protein shakes= my bw so about 200 grams a day, veges. I take B complex vits, b-12, fish oil, flax seed oil, vit E. I have been hitting the gym hard, 5 days a week with 2 full days rest....every month or so I have been taking off a full week to ensure I rest and rebuild. I lift hard and heavy and isolate body groups. I have strength like none other but I feel like I have to be doing something wrong? I am about to start again but will be using a Test/Eq blend and Tren . So any advice would be most appriecated.

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    You're not eating enough bro. Post total protein:carbs:fat you're taking in per day.

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    You say you have been running. Then you say you are about to start running. How long between the 2 and what was your pct?

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    t your diet in the diet section they will help.

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