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    Question Cycle Help/advice and questions

    I am about to start a cycle of test cyp and winny (oral) was planning on running it for 12-14 weeks
    i was going to take proviron during and nolvadex after
    suggestions on how i should run it? i was thinking something like this

    week 1-12 1cc of test prop monday mornings and thurday evenings
    week 6-14 75mg of winnie ed
    then hit the nolva 2 weeks after last cyp shot any advise on how much i should be taking and for how long as well with the proviron? and anything else i should add or change

    also what brand of gear do you guys prefer is there any i should be looking for or staying away from? thanks for your help

    stats age 26 5'9" 180lbs 10%bf played hockey my entire life
    thanks for your input

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    Prop I's short ester that means u need to pin everyday or E.O.D u need cyp if u want to pin every 4 days. And I'm new but it says clearly do not ask where or how to get gear

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    Sounds like your fishing bro. That's a sure way to invite scammers.

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    if you're taking oral winnie at the tail end, it should stop the same wk as test, wk 12. don't extend orals longer than test.

    but since you don't have the gear, the discussion may be rather moot.

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