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    ********** or Generic Blue Tops?

    Price aside, is there any noticeable difference between these two forms of HGH? Im about to place an order for 500 IUs but wanted to see which one Id be better off with.

    My cycle looks something like this:
    26 week cycle (exactly 6 months)
    3-4 IUs per day
    2 injections per day, morning & evening
    Injections 5 days on, 2 days off
    3 IUs for the first 4 weeks
    4 IUs for the remaining 22 weeks
    500 IUs total

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    If its not pharmacuetical grade HGH its FAKE... dont waste your money

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    y 2 off im doing 4ius a day for 6 months solid is this wrong then????????????????????????

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