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    Sustanon/Deca help plz!

    Hey all Im doin 10 weeks at 500mg of sust/week split into 3 injections, also doing deca for 8 weeks at 200mg/week

    weeks 1-10 500mg sust
    weeks 1-8 200mg deca

    What I wanted to know is, I mtaking 20mg of nolvadex a day throughtout whole cycle, will that be enough to keep gyno away? and is nolvadex effect agaisnt deca gyno??

    I don't have access to liquidex or proviron , all I can get for anti'es are clomid and nolvadex

    Please let me know, thanks

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    It is not that hard to get liquidex, if you're desperate PM me and maybe I can help you out. Nolvadex will not do anything for deca (progesterone) gyno.

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    i would do deca at 400mg, you can get liquidex from many open online sources, who open post cause all they do is sell antiEs wich isnt so ilegal, any mod or vet would know of a place that sells Anti estrogens only and have liquidex and clomid

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