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    Clen/T3 during PCT or wait?

    I am planning for a future cut after my cycle is done and was doing some reading on Clen /T3 combos. Should I run it during PCT to limit fat gain during the higher cal intake? Or should I wait until after PCT and run the 2wk on 2wk off protocal? I know I will want to lose some bf after my cycle and PCT are complete.

    If it is decided to run after PCT I will calculate TDEE and subtract 500, i will keep my 40/40/20 marcos and up the cardio from 2 days to 3 days. Should I also change the cardo to fasted morning cardio?

    How many cycles do people usually run? Do the run as many as needed?

    Or should I just do it natty and if I decide to run another cycle stack them then?

    It would be my first time running either Clen or T3 if that helps.

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    Bro you want to be running test when using t3 or you will lose muscle.

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    Should he use clen while on cycle??

    I have a similar problem, need to lower body fat, should I use clen now(just finishe pct a month ago) two week on/orf, or use it when I go to cycle next? In a month

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