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    Cutting question...on 200mg a week of Cyp from DR --- Please read thanks

    My Dr switched me from the androgel to 10wks of 200mg per wk of cyp for the summer for me :-) awesome Dr I have. Anyway im in sick shape 5'11, 190 lbs and prab 8 percent bodyfat or just under right now. I look really good and my abs are in but since I never was on test before I feel im holding a little water and i cant get that tight shredded look like when I do an anavar only cycle. Im on week 5 of my diet and going away next week and was thinking of not doing next thursdays shot of cyp at the Dr and switching back to the Androgel to really lean out. I actually even switched my diet from some oats in the am and after the gym as my only complex carbs of the day to only 30 grams of carbs after the gym with my shake and a carb up meal every third day as my last meal to just thorw off my body so I keep burning fat. Ive been doing this for 6 days and it sucks. I figured doing protein and fats only 5 times per day ( well protein 5 times per day and fats 3 times per day)would drop more bodyfat but I still feel im holding water in my skin. My test levels were 490 on the gel (one 5 mg packet per day)and now on this 200mg a week of cyp they were 1390! This is my 4th week on the cyp from the Dr and I just feel my skin isnt as thin as it gets when I diet down and it obviously is the test. Otherwise I look so much bigger and def cut up but I tend to get really shredded when I diet and that really thin skin look is not as apparent due to the test. Im going away for 10 days next thursday so im thinking just dont do my next shot thursday and just do the gel so I can get some of the water out of my body.... Should I cut the shot out next week and just do the gel for the 10 days that im gone and resume my shots when I get back so I can really lean out( if thats what happens when i stop the shots hopefully)? thanks for any input.

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    I switched from Androgel to Cyp as well. The only reason I noticed a little bloating was because I was actually on a proper dosage of test from cyp (100mg/wk) instead of the low dose of Androgel that wasn't even putting me in normal range (5gm/daily of 1% solution). Once I started using an aromatase inhibitor (dr prescribed), the slight extra bloating dissipated. 10 grams of 1% Androgel (2 packets, not sure how many pumps that is) is close too 100mg/wk of cyp. You'd need a ton of Androgel to be at the same level of the cyp.

    Speaking from experience, without the test in your system (IE: skipping a shot or two), you will start to feel like utter shit. If anything, get bloodwork done to see if you need an aromatase inhibitor, and add the Var ONTO the test, not instead of.

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