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    Next Cycle, Need Advice.

    Hi, I looking for some advice on my next cycle. I'm 25, 80kgs and have run two cycles in past. First cycle was a Test E only at 400mg/week. Second cycle was Sus250 + Deca at 500mg/week of Sus and 250mg/week Deca. Both where run over a 10 week period with good gains and followed with PCT.

    Now I'm coming back from being sick with tonsillitis and looking at whats best for my next cycle. I'm looking to put on mass muscle gain as fast as possible as I have lost a few kgs dew to being sick. I have a 10ml vial of Tren Acetate/100mg at home. Wondering if I should use this in my next cycle? giving that taking it at 50mg/day would only last 20days, would this be effective staking it with something else or would I still get good results taking it over a 20day period? 50ml Drinkable Liquid D-Bol is at easy availability for me at a good price. Could I run a D-Bol and Tren cycle and have good gain? Or would it be better to run a Test E and Tren cycle with nolvadex ?

    Any help is much appreciated

    Thank you

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    You dont need tren and you dont have enough anyway.Read beginners cycles and pct bro.

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