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    1st cycle question

    Hi people,

    ive been training hard for about 5 years now and i have been double spliting now since the start of the year.
    i have been in the natural bodybuilding realm of things since 2010 but after getting pissed off with the lack of testing(dont care about costs if one guy is juiced up beyond anything there should be a test...seen to many guys loose out like that sorry its my pet pev) anyways im shedding the natural area and moving up to the big boys. i have 3 questions.

    Q1. for my first cycle i have been lucky enough to make connection to pretty much have a candy bar of gear from tren to soma. i have been offered tren and dbol for a cycle and am considering taking it however i see when running tren you need to take a test. i was wondering what test is good? sus going around atm but i didnt know if it was worth getting over test E?

    Q2. if im looking at competing in the area of NABBA or IFBB in 2013 what is the best approach? start 52 weeks out running 2 16 week cycles then a 12 week cycle for contest prep?

    Q3. what is the best pct to do? could i run say tren/test then go straight into say a winnie clen cutt? or would i need the 4-6 weeks pct?

    cheers in advance

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    OP, you sound like an intelligent guy so do NOT make the mistake of taking anything expect for a type of Test as for your first cycle. There are many reasons for this. Most important reason for this, however, is that you have to learn how your body responds to Test, since this can vastly differ between individuals. In addition, if you take more than one compound in your 1st cycle, you will miss the chance of ever knowing how exactly your body has responded to which compound, not only in terms of effects but also side effects.

    Thus, you can choose between two reasonable and intelligible 1st Test Only cycle options;

    1. A short estered Test only cycle, namely Testosterone Propionate , which needs to be pinned either everyday or every other day due to its short biological life. Advantages would be regarding the notion of ''time', meaning that it is a fast acting compound due to its short ester, it enters and leaves your system fast, both strength and muscle gains become noticeable in about 2 weeks into a Prop cycle and your PCT starts only 3 days after last pinning. You will make most of your gains within 8 weeks in a Test Prop cycle. 100-150mg EOD is probably what you will want to go with.

    2. A long estered Test only cycle, namely either Test Enanthate or Cypionate , which requires only x2 a week injections with 3-4 days apart, 500mg a week is what will be recommended for your 1st cycle. Unlike the Test Prop cycle example, you will not start seeing gains up until week 4-5, since these compounds are long estered and hence they take their time in terms of entering and exiting your system. Also, you will have to wait for two weeks to start PCT.

    Either cycle scenario requires controlling estrogen and maintaining healthy testicular functions throughout the cycle, meaning that you will need to implement an AI and HCG protocol. PCT will consist of 4 weeks of Clomid and Nolvadex , regardless of the choice of compounds.

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    Hey I'm aout to start my first test enanthate cycle and it's my first use of steroids and I was wondering is 1ml a week not enough or is that a good starting point or should I do two jabs of 1ml a week? Also I don't understand how much nolvadex I should use during pct? Like obviously depending on size of pill will determine how much but can someone give me a few examples of dosage for nolvadex and how often and so on thanks....

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    My first cycle started with 500mg of sus250 per week and got really bad acne carpet front and back. It's impossible to tell how your body will react to the AAS until you try it. Like TJuicer said, you need to start with Test to start. You need to understand your body's reaction. I've also discovered that my body reacts better to short ester Prop over Enth. I get less acne and less water retention. I don't mind jabbing eod. For your first cycle make sure you have PCT ready (Nolva 40/20/20/20 & Clomid 100/50/50/50), acne care ready, and a AI ready just in case you get gyno. Good luck

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