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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    Any advise would be appreciated. I have been on TRT for about a year now.
    200 mg cyp per week
    .5 mg arimidex per week
    1cc hcg per week 1000 iu
    I am looking to throw in a cycle to put on a few pounds and then go back to TRT. Using the gear I have can someone recommend a cycle? Also how long should the cycle be? Thanks in advance

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    You will learn a lot more if you do some research & put the cycle together yourself rather than just having it hand fed to you. After you have put together what you deem to be a good "starter cycle", post it here for critique & further advice / tweaking.

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    The simplest would be to increase your Test Cyp dose to 500mg/wk for 12 week. Voila, Test cycle.

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    ^^^ That would be best.

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