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    Winny/Var Subsitution

    Ok I have been on 500mg/wk test cyp and for my last 6 weeks I planned on using 50mg/ed of winstrol . I started the winstrol about a week ago and have increased the dosage to 75mg. I thought I had enough on hand for the increase but I just calculated it and I am going to fall short. My question is should I order more winstrol or can I substitute the extra 25mg increase with anavar (I have enough on hand)? I know that both are 17aa and liver toxic but I would assume this is only an issue if the dosages were doubled on top of each other. I have also heard that labs produce a mixed form of winny and var, i think its called winavar. Appreciate any advice, thanks

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    drop back to 50 aye?

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    Just stay with winny adjust your dosage.

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