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    1st cycle underdosed = worst thing that can happen?

    i ran my first cycle test e at 500mg/wk for 11 weeks. everyone says the lab is legit but i just didn't get the gains. i ate well above maintenance and worked my ass off at the gym but i ended up gaining about 13 lbs (some definitely fat) bw and 30 lbs on bench in 3 months, which is about what i would have gained naturally on a bulk. halfway thru i was still waiting for the kick, the libido and strength burst never came. balls got noticeably smaller only around week 8-9.

    anyways i'm about to start pct and will probably lose what little gains i made, i might even drop under where i started. so basically i shut down my hpta for no reason and now my receptors aren't even fresh so i'll never experience that amazing 1st cycle.... dammit

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    Diet has alot to do with it.. post stats and diet infor please.

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    sounds bunk. but really worst thing about a cycle is not recovering from it.

    do ur pct as planned and after that wait another month of so and get blood work. see if everything is back to normal.

    another thing u can do is get a blood test whilst on cycle to see if it elevated.

    but really sex drive is the first thing u really notice imho

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