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    Bridge question for older lifter!

    Hi, new here, but gathering a ton of useful information. I have cycled years ago, and have been lifting 20 plus years on and off.. I'm 47, and have borderline low test, around 210-250. My doctor put me on the cream, which did nada.. She would not refer me to a specialist without trying it for a year, which to me is a waste of time.. So, started a test only 500 per week for a planned 12 weeks. Had amazing results, pooped me back to my best days bench and size took off, literally up 25 lbs in weight.. I'm on the tail end of cycle (week 7) and was wondering if I should take the normal time on = time off, or bridge to 100-150 for the summer? Since my test is low anyways, and Have been snipped after kids, not sure of the point.. I have had no sides with test, hair actually grew, no acne, nipples never even felt sore.. I'm 6'1 230 and around 13 %. I want to roll into a cut cycle after, maybe test and deca with clean diet.. Thoughts from the older pros? Thanks

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    Welcome to the board mate!
    The point of pct is to bring your body back into natty test production as quickly as possible. Not running pct will mean that off cycle you will shut down and be "test-less", not a good thing. For your age, your numbers are not excessively low. You are thinking of TRT without the resources to be able to do that (permenant source of test, blood work, etc.) I'd recommend you go through PCT and take the time off until you are ready, mentally and logistically, to run TRT the rest of your life. Once you have made this decision/step, then the rules of engagement change somewhat.
    Good luck!

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    Im 65 and after my last cycle and PCT my test was 502,I am in the same boat and have to decide whether to do TRT or not.Even though ny test was in the normal range i still look and feel much better during a cycle.Going to get my test checked again its been 6 months since my last blood work and havnt done any drugs of any kind and will decide after this bloodwork.PSA was high but not enlarged,going for an ultra sound next week to see whats going on there.probably wont put me on TRT with high PSA score.Cycling still seems like the best option to me even with low test,i cycle my training any way and can live with loosing some size while not on and training 100%,need some time to let my body recover from training and steroids .Even though you dont have any any serious visable sides they accumalate and show up later as you get older, like prostate cancer.I would definately use an AI while your using anything above repla***ent test.

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