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    1st Cycle of Tren Ace almost complete. However, I have questions on detection.

    Hello everyone. Im about 4 weeks in my first cycle of Tren Acetate and my strength and size increased. Besides the constant menopause feeling and waking up every other hour I would say Tren Ace is pretty good. I'm 6'0 194lbs. Before I was only 183lbs. To get straight to the point I am curious on the detection of it. Anyone have any knowledge in this can extremely help me out. I've been applying for police departments in the NY, NJ, MD, and PA locations of the the US. How long would the Tren Ace take to leave my system?? (Hair/Blood/Urine) Do they even test recruits for anabolic steroids ? Ive been in the military for 8 years and to be honest, I'm not worried about the military detecting the juice. Just Police Departments. So if anyone can help me out or lead me to someone/somewhere I can find these out I would appreciate it. Thanks!

    Jon Doe

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    i know ny and nj test.
    I'm not positive on the detection time i've read 5 months. Hair would be a very long time.
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    Found this link on detection times.

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    In md they dont test for that. They do however ask if you have taken any drugs on the lie detector test. I personally have friends who have failed from that part.

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