Hello all,

I am currently on cycle, Test E 500mg/wk. Taking Arimidex as well. I am just starting the 6th week of my cycle. I am wondering if I should quickly get some HCG to use the last few weeks before I start PCT.

From what I have read in the threads it is ideal to run it throughout the whole cycle, obviously I can't do this now but I can for the remainder of the cycle.

Any Advice would be greatly appreciated.

My planned PCT is: (I got this from one of the educational threads for those that are wondering)
Day 1 300mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex
Day 2 - 30 100mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex
Day 31 - 37 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex