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Thread: cyp ?

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    cyp ?

    I live in Houston - north Houston - been on Cyp for TRT for 8 months. Seems as though, according to pharmacy, that cypionate is not available now due to manufactor supply issues. They told me I can get Depo <?> . I believe "cypionate" is the generic form and "depo" is the brand form - or do I have that backwards? Either way, I need my prescription refilled and I'm on the hunt for a pharmacy that has what I need. Want to have doc call in new script today and I just want to know what to ask for.

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    Nope, you've got it right. Depo is the brand.

    You ask for Testosterone Cypionate Depot

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    I've been told by my Pharmacy (both of them ) that the generic has been on back order for 3 years. The only one that is available is Brand. This is in SoCal, it may be different where your at.

    I pay $45 for 10ML of 100MG at local pharm and $70 for 2 bottles from home delivery.

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