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    can anybody tell me what can u take for hair loss when taking deca and ethanate cycle

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    people say Nizoral shampoo. I've never used it but I don't think it can do that much. If you've got MPB, you're going to loose your hair. With or without AAS. AAS will speed up the process. I'd say, if you're that concerned... you could (A) not cycle (B) not stack Deca , and start taking propicia/finesteride on cycle and for the rest of your life. My brother been on propicia for ten years... its saved his hair, but It does have some unwanted side effects ie rashes+limp dick. Thats all I know. I'm loosing my hair and don't give a fck. Maybe someone here has been at risk and saved theirs and can give you better advice.

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    in addition to what Flacco said, maybe minoxidil scalp solution. and prayers. if you're genetically prone to it, nothings going to help.

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