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    Pro's I need help please

    I have just finished a cycle of deca /test cyp. I was on for eight weeks. I am coming off for 4 weeks then starting again. I want to do 8 weeks on/4weeks off. I am planning on using anavar , test cyp, and primo. Test @ 400 -500 mgs for 8 weeks. First 4 weeks anavar @30 mgs/day. last 4 weeks primmo 400 mgs weeks. I have posted this before but have had brief feed back. I have plenty of nolva and HCG . My question is this. I want to lose body fat. Do I use creatine on the time off, then start cycle and try and cut @ the end of cycle or.... cut now and put on lean mass later. Any suggestions are great. Either if I need to add anything , if so what ect.

    P.S. I am 24 5'7" 185 I think i am 12% body fat. I thought I was less but my friend told me I was a little higher. Also I am on propecia so I won't take any dht derivatives i.e. deca, fina, winny . I work out 4 times a weeks. Eat well and hate cardio.

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    The only input I have is time on=time off. And what about post cycle recovery? Clomid? If you're only gonna stop for four weeks, you might as well not stop. In that time your endogenous test production will not start back as the test cyp will be in your system for at least two weeks after your last shot. Don't rush it. Make sure you recover fully before you start back on another cycle. Just my .02.


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    like moto said....time on = time off...but if i were you and looking to cut up, i would just bump up the cardio...i hate it too, and i dont do as much of it as i might also want to try a low carb, high protien diet

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    If you are only going to come off for four weeks don't bother coming off at all since you won't recover. Might as well just stay on a low dose of something during the four weeks.

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