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    Please read and give me some feedback

    i was just informed that i must go on a domestic trip in the middle of my cycle. i was told to mail my gear to the hotel, pins and all, and there would be no problem because there is no customs to go through. it would be 2 amps sus, 6 winstrol , liquidex, and 12 pins. anybody do this?

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    soul shaker Guest
    bump, it's all amps.

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    make sure all the amps are wrapped tightly together with some tape. then, buy an alarm clock - the type that has the two bells on top - and tape that to the amps as well. stick that in your carry on and you should have no problem getting on a plane.

    no, seriously though, wrap them up somehow - with a rubberband or something - and stick them in with your toiletries. as for the pins, you could always take the needles off and stuff them in your shoe, and put the pins somewhere else. or hell, put everything in your toiletry kit. as long as it goes underneath the plane, you should be fine. just don't try to carry anything on that'll look suspicious under the x-ray machine on your way to the terminal.

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