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    strength gains on cycle?

    This question is in regards only to strength gains well on aas.
    I am getting a lot stronger very fast on my first cycle lifting more and more every day. I am glad that I waited till I was 28 and had ten plus years of hard training under my belt before cycle because I think it is really paying off.
    My question is if proper pct diet and exercise is used how much will my strength decline and how fast post cycle?
    I know people are different I am just looking for a idea of how much strength I will lose.
    Thanks guys.

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    the amount of strength/weight you lose will be significant enough so that some consider never coming off, regardless of the health consequences.

    to answer your question, you could lose as much as a third of your gains even if everything is dialed in. strength a little less maybe.

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    Hard to say each person is different, and reacts to PCT differently. My advice is when you start PCT your going to lose some motivation to go to the gym/have a great workout, you have to fight through that and force yourself to have great workouts everytime. Just my .02

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    My strength drops quickly in the first 2 weeks then I manage to maintain a fair amount of what I gained. 3 steps forward 1 step back, 3 forwrd 1 back...

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