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Thread: cycle questions

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    cycle questions

    I'm soon about to get the 50cc/250 I hope and going to split it up with a buddy 25/25mg each and I'm wondering for a first timer if 500mg of test is too much if I do it 10 week cycle of 2cc each week thats 500mg a week and I will still have 5 cc left which I could just do 2 1/2 cc each week and be getting 625mg a week. Do u guys think this will be to much thanks... More than likely I'll do that 500mg a week for 10 weeks and save that extra 5cc until I get more.. U guys let me know .


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    start out with 500mg, and listen to your body. You can take more once you see how you react to the test. Make sure to have the proper antiests before you begin. good luck

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