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    Talking Canadian Price check this Cycle PLEEEAASe

    What is the Cdn dollar value you would pay for this cycle?

    wk 1-8 tren 75mg ed
    wk 1-8 prop 100mg eod
    wk 3-8 winny 50mg ed

    im looking at 3 viles of anatest prop, 5 viles of PVL 100mg/ml tren (10ml), 1 jug winny + PVL 100mg/ml )30ml),

    What would be a fair price on this journey to the dark side?

    Remember, CANADIAN funds,



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    Ecko Now in Ontario
    All Depends where U are getting it from bro

    If U are getting it through the Gym then U will be paying a lot more then if U were to get it from an internet source or a direct source.......

    Anyway here are some prices that I have seen the stuff U want go for:

    ANA Prop --- 70-100
    PVL Tren --- 100-150
    PVL Win ---- 250-300
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    PVL win is closer to 400, anatest 80ish, Tren 120ish

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    ECKO pretty well got all the prices right, and it doesnt have to be PVL, just cuz ur in Canada lol

    CAnadian MOFOZ ROCK.................. EH? :P

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    No of course not, its just that PVL is one source that I have used and am going to stick with.

    Its good shit!!!

    Thanks again for the feedback, those are the same prices I was gauging at.

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    under some plywood sheets
    anatest 70
    tren 100
    win 270

    like bigbonez said its dosent have to be pvl we have plenty other canadian brand here

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