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    Deca and Test, cutting cycle or no?????

    whats up everyone? Ok here is what is going on. I am 22, 5'10'', 195, 13%bf. I have done two previous cycles before. I just came off of a knee injury that is now completely healed, its not anywhere it used to be as far as strength but that goes for all my muscles. I play football and when my injury occured I stopped everything, LIFTING, RUNNING, and DIETING. I know that is the exact opposite that i should have done and I really regret the no diet and no upper body lifting, if anything is should have made my diet more strict cause of the no excercise, oh well
    So, I decided to go on a cycle that will help me gain strength and quality muscle but will also help me lose fat. I know I am asking for the best of both worlds, but I am mainly looking for strength gains and fat loss.

    Well here is the cycle i decided on. I went with deca cause i loved it the 1st time I used it, it really helped me with strength and size and made feel so damn good!!!! BUT, I am hoping that I can turn this SO called bulking cycle into a cutting cycle with the proper diet and excercise. When I took it the 1st time I ate very healthy and was consuming around 5000 calories/day. But now my intentions are different, I am not looking for just size and strength like I did the 1st time. I want strength gains and fat loss.

    1-10, test enthante, 600mgs/w
    1-10, deca durabolin , 500mgs/w
    8-13, winny, 40mgs/ed

    I am planning on consuming around 3500 calories/day. Cardio around 8 times/week, with one day off (so for two days of the week morning and night) at 45 minutes each time. And, lifting between 4-5 times a week.

    Now my question is: Will I get the benefits I am looking for with this cycle?


    Thanks, devistate

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    Sounds like your heading into OVERTRAINING land!

    Just my two cents worth, but it seems like you want the best OF ALL WORLDS at once....A bit over enthused....I THINK SO!

    Drop the weight naturally, gain back some strength, then do the cycle...Which sounds OK for what you want, but Im sure (or hopeful) that someone else will pipe in with some feedback!


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    why are you doing only 40mg/ed of winny? Was that a type O?

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    Use prop as your test from weeks 1-10. Deca from weeks 1-10 and Winny weeks 8-13. 8-13 instead of weeks 7-12 since the deca will take 3 weeks or so to clear. Start clomid 3 weeks after your last Deca injection.

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