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    Test 400

    I've heard some people say that they like Test 400 and some say that they didnt, so I got some to try. The only thing I am wondering about is that I hear that sometimes the injection site will hurt and even swell up. I also heard that if you run the syringe under hot water before injecting that it would help to disapate once in the body which would help relieve this problem. Is this true or not and has anyone on this site had problems with Test 400 and what do you think of it as an over all product?

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    It is true that injection sites sometimes swell up, and hurt a little. T-400 is an oil base, so you are more likely than not going to experience this problem. However, once you fill the syringe, place it in a bowl or sinkful of hot tap water, and it will thin the oil down enough so that it will take some of the sting out for you. Be sure that you recap the needle before you do this to lessen the chance of an infection, though. The pain at the injection site is nothing compared to an abscess at the injection site.
    On a scale of 1-5, I personally rate the T-400 at about a 3.5 My favorite tests are Testex Leo Prolugnatum (cypionate ) and sustanon (preferrably Karachi from Pakistan), but the T-400 is decent if you get it at a good price.

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    Test 400 is killin' me!
    I hate it and I'm going to stop using it.
    I'm in my third week of a Suspension / 400 stack.
    After I shoot the 400, I feel sick the next day (achey, lethargic).
    Days two and three after shooting are by far the worst!!! I can't even walk around without a severe limp. I've been icing it to no avail, and I can't work out.
    The first time I experienced this, I thought maybe it was a bad reaction, or I wasn't completely clean and sterile enough. Nope.
    I shot it again and this time it's even worse! Damn!
    Maybe you'll have better luck, maybe I should try the hot water thing before quitting, but I can't imagine going through this again next week. I can't walk! Seriously!
    Keep in mind that I've shot roids before, am 6'1", 245, a former fball player and have a bench close to I'm not a whimp.
    If this shit crippled me, it may happen to you.
    Good luck bro!!!

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    Mike Guest
    Test 400 is crap, I wouldnt bother using it if I were you

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