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    Dianabol detection

    My doctor is giving me testosterone supplementation (I'm over 40) to bring it up to younger levels. I have a blood test coming up in a week or so. Will 25g of daily Dianabol use show up in his test? If so, do I need to stop beforehand? And if so, what happens to the effects during the temporary stop?

    Also, with the testosterone, I'm taking HGH (0.4mg) per day.

    Any thoughts on the effectiveness of this? I'm not looking for massive gains just good strength and endurance improvement. The dbol dosage looks low reading the posts but I don't want to screw with my liver.

    Basic measurements are:

    8-9% body fat

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    DBOL has a 4 hour half life, and I believe it should not be a issue.
    to be on the safe side, you can stop taking DBOL like 2 or 3 days before your test or even a week before, and take soem aspirin a day before your test, it will thin your blood

    and also let us know how your test went

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    you will surely die if you take 25g a day of dbol ....i think you mean 25mgs...haha...couldn't pass that one up bro

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