ok i posted this in new make memebers buyt was told to maybey move it here so this is a copy n paste
Hi ppl
Im 32, 100kg , have sum lower admominal fat but thats about it, been training for over 10 years on and off, but have been training for the last 5 months straight 4 times a week.
Ive use sus250 before and primo test, decca and ethanate all at diff time and being non educated with it had diff results at diff times, i havnt touched any gear for over year and a half thou now.
i want to start a cycle now i have 10ml ropel test probe 75mg, 10ml decca 300, 10ml sus250. and some clomid and tomaxifon for pct .

i work away in the mines for 3 weeks then come home for one week so thats all the gear i got util i get home in three weeks to reload.
My friend said to have 1ml of each ,so total of 3ml in the pin every monday and friday for 4 weeks until i get home and reload,
what would u suggest.. is there a better way off doing this with what i got.
any ideas would be appritated