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    Talking first cycle help needed

    Hi guys, I am about to start my first cycle. My aim is to put on about 10lbs of lean body mass but I am subject to IOC drug tests. I have scored 400 pegasus anavar and 150 spiropent clen and wondered if I need to add anything else to the stack? Any information regarding drug detection times and how to speed up the removal of drug metabolites would be appreciated (I have read the info on the site already).

    Thanks fellas

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    well first off if you want to add 10lbs you really dont need the AAS. Also, var isnt known for weight gain. Lots of powerlifters use it so they can grow stronger but remain in the same weight class. Clen isnt going to add any weight to you either. Id throw in some test prop, 50mg ed for 8 weeks. run the anavar at 40mg-50mg ed for the same 8 weeks. The prop will add some lbm to you but like i said if 10lbs is all you crave just make sure your diet is right!


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    10lbs can be added on with a little hard work naturally in no time.

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    Have to agree with the Bros


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