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    1st Cycle Deca Test-E PCT

    Finally decided on a first cycle of Deca 400mg wk and Test-E 250mg wk, and I'm 3 days since first pin. Only had 5/8" syringe since the 1" needles that I ordered online didn't come in yet, so I stuck it in my thigh instead of risking not hitting muscle in the glute. Went well but pretty sore for the first two days, much better today. That seems to be a pretty low dose so I shot it all in the same spot but to attempt to limit pip for future injections I'm going to start splitting up the dose and pin twice a week. Quick stats: 30 yrs old, 5'8", 171, 14% bf, great diet and workout routien. Goals are modest, I'd like to put on about 15-20 lbs of good lean muscle and keep at least 75% of that hopefully.

    My question is regarding PCT. I've read a lot about HCG being pretty hard on the body so I've opted not to include it on cycle, and for the relatively small cycle I'm running I don't think it is essential. As far as PCT goes, I'm thinking that maybe Nolva or Clomid alone may be sufficient... any opinions on this? Does anyone think that any AI's are necessary on cycle for doses this low?

    Almost forgot, running 10 week cycle.

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    So why did you nut just wait a couple days for the correct syringe? Ok, first cycle should be test only. Drop the deca . Just do your Test E 250 mg every 3.5 days. It's your first cycle and that's all you need so you can see exactly what it does and how you respond to it. Hopefully you have baseline BW for comparison purposes later.

    HCG hard on the body, no. You should run it through your cycle at probably 250 IU x 2 per week. It mimics LH which will keep your testies somewhat functional and easier to restart during pct. What your running is not a small cycle to "your" body. Shut down is shut down. Help your body out and run HCG on cycle. Yes, AI's are necessary on cycle. Search up and read Swifto's sticky thread on "Why you always run an AI on cycle." Has to do with far more than just gyno. Your E is going to spike up big time and you need to control it with an AI. Nolva and clomid for pct. Both.

    Seriously keep reading and educating yourself here. Read the stickies. You will see a common pattern. Always have everything you need before you start a cycle. From day one through PCT. Good luck. Study up. It's your health! Others will chime in also.

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    You have started your cycle and are just now researching pct? You never start without everything you need. What I'd something happens to your gear and your have to start pct ? You don't have , can't get it your f- ed. Go to the ar-r banner get clomid and novla. Research should have told you hcg makes recovery easier. This is basic stuff. Please get your stuff together. You never know what might happen. Hope this helps.

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    Like kelkel said, drop the deca and run the test by itself. And yes, HCG thru cycle along w/nolva and clomid for pct. It's a good cycle and no need to add compounds at this point.

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