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    Another (simple) clen question...

    Is it better to take your clen all at once (i.e. 100 mcg @ 10 AM), or space them out throughtout the day (i.e. 20 mcg @ 9 AM, 20 mcg @11:30 AM, 20 mcg @ 2 PM, etc)?

    I started last Thursday and have been spacing them out. I have done plenty of research and have found some useful info on clen. But I cannot find the answer to my question. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I personally don't think that spacing out would not be beneficial because Clen has a long half-life. Splitting up the dose will diminish the effect as well. I would go with whatever provides the best effect, ex. rise in heart/metabolic rate and body temp. Splitting up the dose will lower the chances of this due to tolerance build-up. I would take it all at once

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    I split it up into 2 doses; 50mcg in the morning and 50mcg a few hours later. But like Mammoth said it all depends on your tolerance and sides.

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    i take 3-4 in the am then 1 an hour till im done.

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