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    Proposed first cycle, does this look ok

    I was planning on doing a first cycle of test e 250mg on Mon and Thurs for 10 weeks then at week 12 doing 4 weeks of Nolva, does this look ok or should I be adding or changing on the PCT


    age 42
    5ft 6
    currently 10% BF

    1st cycle

    thanks for any help

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    Looking good mate, i would look at adding clomid to your pct and having an ai like aromasin or adex on hand just incase.....
    Do not ask me for a source check.

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    I personally would run it for 12 weeks to get everything I could from the long ester. You need to run an AI for cycle. Also I would recommend hcG during cycle. Like the Pimp Daddy said. How's your diet?

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    thanks for the help, diets good, no alcohol or dairy, oats and whey for breakfast, snacks ranging from oat cakes to wholewheat bagels with PB, main meals chicken and broc or veg or sweet potatoe and plenty of water normally around 3-5 litres a day.

    thanks again

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    yes run 12 weeks if possible but 10 is ideal. and definitely add clomid and look for an ai and hcg . they come in handy. better safe than sorry

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