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    Okay so I have here...LG Science: Methyl 1-D Strength And
    Mass, LG Science Formadrol Extreme Anti-Xenoestrogen, LG
    Science MMv3 Strength Complex, And Hardcore Formulations
    S-ROID...Oh And Milk Thistle...So What I'm Coming To You Guys
    For Is To Ask...How Do I take These I Know I'm Asking A
    Lot...I Bought This Stuff While On Deployment...But Was
    Scared To Use It...Now That I'm Out Of The Service I Want To
    Try...Please Don't Judge Me I'm Just Asking For HONEST
    Help...I'm Six-One And Weighs Probably Around One Fifty
    Six...PLEASE HELP...And Is Running Enough For Steroids To
    Work...And What About These Man Boobs..."GYNO"...I Just Want
    To Get Bigger...Not A Sex Please Help!...

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    I think you double posted

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