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    Proviron vs. Anastrozole and IGF-1 levels while one Testosterone

    Got a question this one, Bro-Science vs. Science.

    Now I'm not about to go to complete war with Estradiol, but on a 600mg of Testosterone cypionate cycle, with 0.25mg eod of anastrozole, for 12 weeks is a pretty mild test cycle. I was thinking of also using 50mg ed of Proviron for added hardness, less SHBG etc...

    I've been told to that that proviron does not do as much for prevention of E2 conversion, as previously thought, and that Arimidex is still a must.

    Can Proviron be used as an AI? Or does it just give you boners, but you still need the AI?

    Then others have told me that Anastrozole will shut down hGH and IGF-1 production, just like Nolva is said to be able to do, and that Armidex could cause that at even low doses. This appears to be bro-science on regards to Anastrozole.

    Which appears to be the opposite of what this study showed:

    Insulin -like growth factors (IGFs) play a fundamental role in cancer development by acting in both an endocrinal and paracrinal manner, and hormone breast cancer treatments affect the IGF system by modifying circulating growth factor levels. We evaluated total IGF-1, IGF-2, IGF binding protein (IGFBP)-1 and IGFBP-3 in the blood of 34 postmenopausal advanced breast cancer patients (median age 63 years, range 41-85) treated with anastrozole, a non-steroidal structure aromatase inhibitor (NSS-AI). The plasma samples were obtained at baseline, and after 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks of treatment. The IGFs were quantitated by means of sensitive radioimmunoassays (RIAs). IGF-1 significantly increased during anastrozole treatment (baseline versus 12 weeks, P=0.031), IGF-2 showed a trend towards an increase, and IGFBP-1 constantly but not significantly decreased; IGFBP-3 did not seem to be affected at all. The anastrozole-induced changes in IGFs and IGFBP-1 appeared to be different in the patients receiving a clinical benefit from those observed in non-responders. We have previously shown that letrozole (a different type of NSS-AI) modifies blood IGF-1 levels, and the results of this study of the biological effects of anastrozole on the components of the IGF system confirm our previous observations.
    I do not want to drive my E2 too low, that is also why I want to know if the combination of Proviron and a low dose of armidex are likely to cause that, OR if in fact that combination at those doses can be an effective way to handle E2 on a simple 600mg weekly test Cyp cycle?

    Already had blood work done and my natty E2 is in the upper 3rd of the normal male range.

    ****ing eh, typo in the thread title its supposed to be "on testosterone ", not to be confused with 1-test.
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