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Thread: decca and ses

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    decca and ses

    This is my first cycle guys. Im stacking decca and ses. its a 8 week cycle. Right now I weigh 176 lbs, and it is my second week. Im at 17 percent body fat. With a good diet and work ethic. what should be some average/ expected gains? any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    By ses, I am assuming that you mean sustanon . These two stacked together are very good, but it sounds like you need to lose a little bodyfat. Both Deca and Sust will make you retain water to a certain degree, so you are going to look a little "puffy" but noticably bigger if you eat enough. You can control this a little by drinking 2 gallons of water every day as well as eating clean and healthy foods. Avoid anything that has a golden arch over it or a picture of a big hamburger with grease dripping off of it.
    Without knowing your dosages, it's hard to determine your actual weight gains. It's still hard even when your dosages are known because each person reacts differently to each drug.
    If I were you, I would look to add some winstrol to this starting around week 5 at 50mgs every day or every other day depending on what you can afford to get. Do the winstrol for 6 weeks, and it will help you harden up, as well as give you some extra mass and strength gains.

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    Hey dirty mexican,
    What does your cycle look like? Are you going sus 500mg/week and deca 400mg/week because that is what I would do if it was my first cycle. It really is up to your diet and workouts. The roids are great but without the diet and work ethic, then I wouldn't expect to see much bro. Eat tons! Lift like a Madman! Then you could see gains from 10 to 30 pounds. 15-20 pounds would be my guess, but the sauce will make your strength gains crazy. Feel free to ask questions. The board is here to help.
    Good Luck,

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    yeah hes right, everyones body reacts differently to different types of drugs. But the main ingreedient to AS is nutrition, IMO (only if u'r doing a bulking cycle). Next is ur work out routine and then rest. If u get them all down packed u can expect at least 10 to 15 pounds of solid, keepable muscle

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