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    Sus Bomb

    ive got 6 vials of sus250,40 Abombs, 6mils of deca and wanted to run one vial of sus a week for 6weeks and one abomb a day for 6 weeks and iml of deca a week for 6weeks
    is their enough potency in this cycle to get any sufficient gains or should i wait till i can buy some more gear im just to fuckin impatient and i want to run this as of next week, WOULD LIKE YOUR ADVICE

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    I've seen people run only 6 weeks of Sust, but never only 250mg a week of it. Seems awfully low. I don't think the Deca is enough neither. It'll just start to maybe kick in by the 4th week and you're off it two weeks after. Plus you'd need at least 400mg a week to notice anything.

    Maybe if you'd double up what you have, then it might be okay.

    My first Deca cycle was about 10 weeks at 400mg a week and I got good results.

    I'd get more sust and just run that for now. Be cheap and should work.

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    I wouldn't go any less than 750mg of sust per week for a minimum of 10 weeks and no lower than 400 mg per week of Deca for 10 weeks. I would say that you would definitely do nothing but waste your gear if you went with your proposed cycle. Patience grasshopper!!

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