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Thread: big problem

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    big problem

    heres the scenerio... i ended my 1st cycle(300deca, 200 test enath.) last year this time... gained 20 lbs of lean muscle and kept about 15lbs.. best experience ever... the gym became my life... i worked hard and remained @170lbs ALL SUMMER and fall... i started my next cycle in november(200 eq, 200 test enath, 75ed fina)... was goin strong looked great felt better than ever... made the biggest mistake ever and let my buddy have half and was goin to get more b4 half way point... juice nowhere to be found... i finished out 1 more week of fina... worked out hard ate right lots of protein through the next 2 months... i gained bout 10 lbs over the 5 weeks and started losin a bit here and there afterward... thats expected especially after fina and no post cycle therapy (even though it only last 5 weeks)... my issue is that my gym shut down and school picked up... could barely get one workout per week in... i didnt miss a single day of training for over a year and then that... this might not be a big deal to some but i had never worked out b4 till my 1st cycle... now in april i find myself at 160lbs... is it possible to mess up so bad that i lost 10lbs of weight i thought could not be taken away(considering i reamined at this weight naturally)... i have found myself drinkin eatin terrible and depressed as hell... you guys can relate to the amount of game you have when your healthy confident and swole compared to now... i am back home for the summer and am joining my gym where it all began... i want to get goin naturally again b4 i hit it hard... this has been one of the hardest times ive ever been through.. any suggestions to get goin again... thanks bros

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    Just get your butt in the gym and stay clean for awhile and get used to lifting again. You'll gain the weight back....muscle memory, gotta love it. It's going to take sometime but it's not gone forever.

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    Never split your gear with friends always have enough for you!

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