I sure hope I am not stepping on any toes, I would like to make abulk order with them, but was unsure of the compounds I needed. As far as my "lab rat", he is needing a great AI or 2 if preferred. And his wife is finally considering Anavar @ 10mgs ED, but was unsure if there is anything else the female might need. The compounds I am looking into getting so far:

Liquid S4 (possibly as a bridge between and while on TRT)
Liquid Lethro
UDCA (to use instead of milk thistle if it is better) please let me know there
Liquid clen (safe for him and her?)
Liquid Stane
Liquidex (seems the most popular)
Liquid Albut (a break from clen)

Please let me know what it is I will need, andwell as for the female too. She is very nervous naturally and I dont want todo anything to hurt her. She is my favorite pet! Thank you guys!